Answering everyone’s questions..

3 10 2010

This is a much needed update from things a couple months back, to more recent things. Some people have asked some questions in their comments so I’m going to answer them as best as I can.

I have had two great baby showers where I got  some much needed items and lots of cute clothes. I have also gotten a few side gifts from my dad and other friends and family members.  Although this kid won’t go without much, it’s crazy how much babies really need. You would think that you have enough stuff when the drawers are filled, but that’s not always the case. These little “creatures” need more contraptions and more clothes than anyone else I know.

I have not gotten any stretch marks on my belly, however I have gotten some on the sides of my hips, my butt,  the very upper parts of my legs, and my boobs. And as I gain more weight on my sides, I have also started getting some marks on what is the start to a “muffin top.” Yuck! Most of them are the purple looking ones and some are more skin toned. They will most likely go away or at least light up some thank goodness. Some are also “pressure veins,” which hurt and itch. I am so ready for them to go away!

My total weight gain so far has been 27 pounds. Since I got really sick at the beginning of my pregnancy, I started off under weight and it has been hard to gain a lot of weight. My doctor had said that she wanted me to gain around 40 pounds. I’m glad I probably won’t reach that point, but I will probably get up to 30 pounds, which isn’t too bad I guess. Thank goodness I’ll probably lose about 12 pounds before I leave the hospital due to not having a baby or extra fluids inside me anymore. Babies = best way to lose weight in one day! haha.

If you want me to contact you when I have the little guy, make sure I have your number. I have most of everyone’s number, but I could be missing a few. So you can comment on here or e-mail them to me at Facebook also works. I plan to update this while I’m in the hospital since I’ll be sitting in the room all day, so you can also check here for updates. I have no idea when he’s going to come, hopefully sooner rather than later but we shall see.

A lot of people are shocked to see how big I have actually gotten and to tell you the truth, so am I. Never in a million years did I think that I would get this big. I’m definitely bigger than my mom was for any of her children, because I tried on her maternity clothes that are two sizes bigger than I normally wear, and they were too short because my belly stuck out too much. I use to be all belly and now it’s expanding into my sides because it has no where else to go since I am so short and small.

Things with Jon weren’t getting much better for a while there, but I did talk to him recently and we had a decent conversation, so that’s good at least. I’m trying to come up with a good plan that will work for both of us in the best of ways. It’s hard to plan parenting because Children are unpredictable, but I’m trying my best to work something out. As many of you know, what I want most for my son is for him to know and be around his father. I know what it’s like to not have that and I want to give my son what he deserves, and that is for his mommy AND his daddy to be there for him and to love him with all of their hearts. I am very optimistic on this situation, and I hope that it all works out for the best!

For me labor is a scary concept and I’m kind of nervous for it because I don’t know what to expect. A million people could tell you about their experience, and your labor could still be completely different. So hopefully it won’t be as bad as I think it’s going to be, but I guess we will have to see how things go.

Alright I think this is the end of my gigantic post. I’m sorry that none of the paragraphs are really in any order. I just went in order from the oldest comments to the newest ones. I can’t wait to meet my little guy and I am so ready to start getting back to normal and get in a routine that will work for both me and Junior.

This is me at 38 weeks. He is starting to take control of my body! haha.


I have less than a month

20 09 2010

My due date is only 26 days away. I honestly can’t believe it! I’ve been thinking about the lovely day when I found out that I was pregnant. It seems like such a long time ago and now there’s only a little time left! I’m getting pretty excited, even though I am also a little nervous and scared. And the whole thought of labor is really starting to freak me out! I know it’s not going to be as bad as I think it’s going to be, but I can’t help but think that it is. Not exactly something I planned to do at the age of 19. Thank goodness my mom is going to be with me during my labor and delivery or else I’d be all alone and I don’t know what I would do.

I’m still trying to fix things and make things work out. I don’t know if everything will work out in the end, but I really hope it will. I hate being/feeling all alone. I would rather not be a single mom for the rest of my life and little Junior needs his daddy in the picture. So I am trying my best to get everything in order. However, I do know that I can’t fix everything, so I’m not going to stress over it. I’m just going to try my best.

Since I haven’t really updated about my life in a while, I’m going to explain what’s been going on in our lives. I’ve been working on my school work as best as I can. Online classes are kicking my butt. They’re a pain and in my opinion, harder than regular in-class classes because you have to make sure you click everything and get things sent in at the right time. If you don’t click all of the links, you could miss part of the assignment and not get points for something just because you didn’t see it. I also hate staying home all the time. Not that I like going into campus to go to classes any better, but it’s hard to get any motivation when you are staying at home working all the time. I only like one of my classes so that could be part of my problem as well. The other three classes get on my nerves and they are not fun at all. I hardly understand what’s going on in them. But oh well, I guess I’ll get over it and get all of my classes done. Sometimes I wish it were still summer, even though I have been enjoying this nice weather.

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and since I’m so close to my due date, I go every week now. At my appointment last week I wasn’t dilated any but I was just about 50% effaced, which means that I am making progress so that little Junior can enter the world very soon! Tomorrow I’ll see if I’ve made any more progress. I am so ready to have this baby it’s not even funny. I feel like I’m about to burst at the seams. I’ve given the little guy permission to come 2 weeks early (coming at 38 weeks), since 37 weeks is technically full term. But of course he will come when he is done and ready and completely “baked,” as they like to call it, haha.

I am also getting my hair cut tomorrow. I’m not sure what I’m going to do exactly probably just a trim on the ends and then major work to my bangs because they are getting so long, it’s getting really ridiculous. I kind of miss my short hair because it was so much easier to do something with, but I was growing it long because Jon and I were looking at some old pictures and I started missing my long hair too. So he told me to grow it out again and that’s what I’m doing. And once all of the old nasty black color grows out of my hair, I’m planning on putting my beautiful red tints back into my hair, because I miss them.

The other day, I had my little neighborhood baby shower, that my neighbor Stephanie put on for me. I got some more things that I needed and now my little boy is officially spoiled and he’s not even here yet. I am getting jealous of all of his cool new things, haha.


24 08 2010

I started my online classes yesterday and lets just say that I think they’re going to be the death of me. I have never had to write in so many discussions and I am sick and tired of introducing myself and then responding to a million of my classmate’s posts. It’s not exactly what I would call fun. I hate being a self learner and I always feel like I forgetting to do something. I guess it’s not the end of the world, and I should probably optimistic, but it sure is a pain. At least I can do my stuff whenever I want to instead of waking up and going to class. So I guess online classes do have one bright side, but that’s probably it. haha. Four classes is a lot to keep up with so I hope I can do well. I really need to get at least A’s and B’s in all of them, but I would love to get all A’s because I have to pass some of these classes so that I can get into the Surgical Technology Program. And I want to get into the program as soon as possible because the sooner I do, the sooner I can be done with school! Good thing this is the only semester I have to take online classes! Let’s just hope that all goes well.

It’s been an eternity..

12 08 2010

Okay so I haven’t written on here in a couple of weeks. I’ve really been just extremely exhausted and depressed. Almost too exhausted to think of something to write. I have also been trying to get a bunch of things done. Anyways, I had my baby shower two Saturdays ago and it was very overwhelming but a lot of fun. People were very generous and I got a ton of clothes and toys, which I am very grateful for! In the mean time I have been trying to get my room ready so that everything will be in its place when Junior comes. It’s not looking too bad so far just a tad messy. I need to put a few bigger boxes away, but things are looking up!

I went to the doctor today and I had the Nurse Practitioner. Everything with the baby seems to be going well. His heart rate is good and he’s getting himself in the ready position. I can’t believe I’m almost 31 weeks and just over 9 weeks from being due! Although things with me aren’t the greatest, I guess you could say. I am getting very uncomfortable and I am pretty sure that he is growing faster than my body can stretch. And since he is in the upright position now he is pushing on my organs and my ribs. Neither of which are very comfortable. I also had to talk about depression with the Nurse Practitioner since I have been having a hard time and she gave me something to try out. Hopefully it does the trick, I have been a little down in the dumps lately. Other than that things are going pretty good. Still not that great on the relationship front, but I guess that is really the last thing on my mind. Although I do think about it everyday, there is not a whole lot I can do to fix it so I’m kind of laying low on the situation. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be though.

My huge (and growing) baby bump!

I win!

23 07 2010

So yesterday I got a check in the mail for my Ivy Tech Tuition for the first semester. I was happy to find out that I got a $850 Pell Grant! Which means that I have to pay less than half of what my tuition was going to cost me! So this means more money for little Junior and the sooner that I am going to be able to get my car! I was very happy to say the least, especially since I never got any grants from Ball State. This will be a big help and I am very grateful for this and extremely happy! That is all for now I just wanted to share my happiness, haha.

It’s been a while..

19 07 2010

I haven’t updated this in a while. I’ve been pretty sick and nothing really exciting has happened so there hasn’t been much to report on. Here are three dumb ideas of the day..Dumb idea #1: Letting all the stupid things get to me. Dumb idea #2: Going to the fair during the hottest time of the day. Dumb idea #3: Falling asleep for 3 hours because I was too lazy to make something for lunch. This was one of my Facebook statuses today and were kind of the highlights of the day. I went to the fair today with my mom, sister, and brother. We happened to see my sisters friend, Melanie, and her mom, Dawn, so we walked around with them. We hadn’t planned to see any of the animals today, but Melanie wanted to see the bunnies and wow it was HOT! I thought I was going to die out there. We walked around so much and my feet were killing me and everything was putting me in a bad mood. So lets just say when I go to the fair again, it will not be in the middle of the day! With that being said, when I got home I didn’t feel very good and I was too lazy to get off the couch to make myself some lunch, so I fell asleep for like 3ish hours. The sun must have really gotten to me. Dumb idea if you ask me.  I was going to try to go to bed early for once and now that may not happen…how fantastic.

Other than being sick, I’ve just been dealing with the normal stress of things and trying to get over some stuff and not let everything get to me, so I can stay stress free and healthy for myself and the baby!

Hiking through trails..

7 07 2010

So today I went to Cleggs Gardens with my mom, grandma, sister, and brother. We wanted to hike through the trails a little bit so we could all get some fresh air and exercise. It’s always a great sign when your knee starts hurting as soon as you walk through the entrance. And that was my luck today. I managed to make it through pretty okay. I was a little hot and sweaty but I enjoyed myself and it was so pretty outside. When we got in the car I realized that my knee was starting to swell and it was still hurting. Needless to say I contacted my personal doctor, Jon, who has gotten me through a lot of my clumsiness and he told me to ice it and stay off of it. I wasn’t able to ice until later Because we went back to my grandma’s house and it was time to fix dinner, so now I am sitting here with ice on my knee. It’s been on there for a little while but I guess I’ll leave on for a little bit longer. Let’s just hope this helps!

Here’s a picture of some trees and the Wildcat Creek.

Here’s me looking wonderful on one of the trails.