10/22/10-Induction Day

15 11 2010

This is me before heading to the hospital to be induced.

The 22nd was my induction day. I had to go in at 7:30. When I got to the hospital I had to fill out some paper work and then they showed me to my room where I had to fill out more paper work. At around 8:30, my doctor came in my room to start giving me the Pitocin, but my nurse told her that I was already having small contractions, so she just broke my water instead. I was very grateful that I didn’t have to have the Pitocin, because sometimes it can make things worse and make your labor longer. Shortly after my water was broken my contractions started getting bigger and more painful but I could still manage them.

After a little while, the pain started getting too strong. My nurse came in and checked me and told me that I was 5cm dilated so she said she could me to put me on Nubain, to take the edge off. That work for a little while but then my contractions started getting so bad that my rib and back bones started hurting extremely bad and I started shaking so bad it looked as if I was seizing. I couldn’t take the pain any more because the contractions were causing me to have abnormal pains other than the pains you normally get with contractions. My nurse called the anesthesiologist in so that she could give me an epidural. I was in so much pain that I could hardly sit still and in order for her to put the stuff in my back I had to hold on to my mom and my nurse. The epidural started working right away and I was so glad. I was able to rest comfortably and I could hardly feel anything.

At around 11:00am, I started feeling different so my nurse checked me again and I was 10cm dilated. It was time to push! I started pushing and then didn’t want to anymore because it hurt so bad. My epidural hadn’t completely numbed me like it was suppose to, so I could feel a lot “down there.” Before I know it, my doctor told me to feel his little hair and then a few pushes later my  beautiful baby boy was born. My mom cut the umbilical cord and then they handed my baby to me so that I could hold him for the first time before they cleaned him off. My labor ended up being 3 hours long, which is really short for my first child, but since I was already about half-way there, it didn’t take me as long as it could have.




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