Only 50 more..

27 08 2010

There are only 50 more days until my due date. It is time to get excited! Junior is growing much faster than my body can handle and is starting to take control of my body. haha. How kind of him, right? He enjoys pushing on my ribs and bladder when he does his daily exercises and also likes sitting in my ribs when he is resting. I can’t believe it’s getting that close to my due date. Tomorrow, I will be 33 weeks along in my pregnancy and only 7 weeks away from my due date! Thank goodness. I am starting to get very uncomfortable, but I guess it’s all for a wonderful cause, so I’m okay with it. Everything is pretty much ready. Things are set up and ready to be played with. All we need now is a baby. Not quite yet, but about a week early would be okay for me!



24 08 2010

I started my online classes yesterday and lets just say that I think they’re going to be the death of me. I have never had to write in so many discussions and I am sick and tired of introducing myself and then responding to a million of my classmate’s posts. It’s not exactly what I would call fun. I hate being a self learner and I always feel like I forgetting to do something. I guess it’s not the end of the world, and I should probably optimistic, but it sure is a pain. At least I can do my stuff whenever I want to instead of waking up and going to class. So I guess online classes do have one bright side, but that’s probably it. haha. Four classes is a lot to keep up with so I hope I can do well. I really need to get at least A’s and B’s in all of them, but I would love to get all A’s because I have to pass some of these classes so that I can get into the Surgical Technology Program. And I want to get into the program as soon as possible because the sooner I do, the sooner I can be done with school! Good thing this is the only semester I have to take online classes! Let’s just hope that all goes well.

It’s been an eternity..

12 08 2010

Okay so I haven’t written on here in a couple of weeks. I’ve really been just extremely exhausted and depressed. Almost too exhausted to think of something to write. I have also been trying to get a bunch of things done. Anyways, I had my baby shower two Saturdays ago and it was very overwhelming but a lot of fun. People were very generous and I got a ton of clothes and toys, which I am very grateful for! In the mean time I have been trying to get my room ready so that everything will be in its place when Junior comes. It’s not looking too bad so far just a tad messy. I need to put a few bigger boxes away, but things are looking up!

I went to the doctor today and I had the Nurse Practitioner. Everything with the baby seems to be going well. His heart rate is good and he’s getting himself in the ready position. I can’t believe I’m almost 31 weeks and just over 9 weeks from being due! Although things with me aren’t the greatest, I guess you could say. I am getting very uncomfortable and I am pretty sure that he is growing faster than my body can stretch. And since he is in the upright position now he is pushing on my organs and my ribs. Neither of which are very comfortable. I also had to talk about depression with the Nurse Practitioner since I have been having a hard time and she gave me something to try out. Hopefully it does the trick, I have been a little down in the dumps lately. Other than that things are going pretty good. Still not that great on the relationship front, but I guess that is really the last thing on my mind. Although I do think about it everyday, there is not a whole lot I can do to fix it so I’m kind of laying low on the situation. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be though.

My huge (and growing) baby bump!