28 1/2 weeks

27 07 2010

This is me today at 28 weeks and 3 days. Yes, I may not look extremely big but trust me, if you knew me before I was pregnant, you’ll understand. I am definitely a lot bigger than normal. haha. The shirt also makes me look smaller than I am. But I feel huge, my stomach is so heavy, and he is kicking all the up to just below my boobs. It’s not very comfortable and I’m not sure it’s normal at this stage, but I’m hanging in there. I’m so ready for October to come so I can meet this little guy and so I don’t have to be in pain anymore.

Today was also the last Child Birth class of the three sessions I had to go to. I was glad to get that over with because I felt really awkward having my mom with me and having to do the strange breathing exercises. Other than that, the classes were very helpful and I learned a lot of information for labor. Oh joy!

I have my last monthly doctor appointment on Thursday. I have to do my glucose test to see if I have gestational diabetes (a.k.a pregnant woman diabetes). After this appointment, I will start going to the doctor every two weeks! Which means it’s getting closer and I can’t wait!!

My shower is this coming Saturday and I’m excited to see everyone that is coming! I have a feeling that I’m going to be overwhelmed with gifts. haha. After the shower I’m going to start getting my room ready for Junior’s arrival and that is going to be a lot of work. A bunch of things need to either be moved around or moved out of my room. I’m not sure where everything is going to fit, but I’m sure I’ll manage.


I win!

23 07 2010

So yesterday I got a check in the mail for my Ivy Tech Tuition for the first semester. I was happy to find out that I got a $850 Pell Grant! Which means that I have to pay less than half of what my tuition was going to cost me! So this means more money for little Junior and the sooner that I am going to be able to get my car! I was very happy to say the least, especially since I never got any grants from Ball State. This will be a big help and I am very grateful for this and extremely happy! That is all for now I just wanted to share my happiness, haha.

It’s been a while..

19 07 2010

I haven’t updated this in a while. I’ve been pretty sick and nothing really exciting has happened so there hasn’t been much to report on. Here are three dumb ideas of the day..Dumb idea #1: Letting all the stupid things get to me. Dumb idea #2: Going to the fair during the hottest time of the day. Dumb idea #3: Falling asleep for 3 hours because I was too lazy to make something for lunch. This was one of my Facebook statuses today and were kind of the highlights of the day. I went to the fair today with my mom, sister, and brother. We happened to see my sisters friend, Melanie, and her mom, Dawn, so we walked around with them. We hadn’t planned to see any of the animals today, but Melanie wanted to see the bunnies and wow it was HOT! I thought I was going to die out there. We walked around so much and my feet were killing me and everything was putting me in a bad mood. So lets just say when I go to the fair again, it will not be in the middle of the day! With that being said, when I got home I didn’t feel very good and I was too lazy to get off the couch to make myself some lunch, so I fell asleep for like 3ish hours. The sun must have really gotten to me. Dumb idea if you ask me.  I was going to try to go to bed early for once and now that may not happen…how fantastic.

Other than being sick, I’ve just been dealing with the normal stress of things and trying to get over some stuff and not let everything get to me, so I can stay stress free and healthy for myself and the baby!

Baby tracker

9 07 2010

 BabyFruit Ticker


Here’s the link to the page that compares baby’s size to fruits and vegetables. I think it’s funny!

double digits!

9 07 2010

So after I posted about being excited about 100 days. I realized that I should be way more excited today than I was yesterday because two digits instead of three looks a lot better and 99 seems so much shorter than 100. haha. In my opinion at least. So today marks 99 days until my due date!

But enough of my rant on 99 days. I have to mention that I had a lovely dinner tonight with some of my ladies. Abbie, Ashley, Hannah, and I went to our normal dinner place, Arni’s, and ate some pizza and talked for like ever. We were seriously there for almost two hours. We got done eating pretty quickly and just stayed there and talked. It was very nice to catch up and chat a little bit, but I’m sure the workers thought we were crazy and they probably wanted us out of there. haha. Oh well, they can deal. I had a lovely time!


8 07 2010

I could list 100 ways that my belly gets in the way or 100 ways why pregnancy can be a horrible experience, but I’m mentioning the number 100 because today marks 100 days until my due date!!! The count down may begin. haha. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone when I really think about it. Granted 100 days is a long time but out of the approximate 270 days i only have 100 left woo hoo!! Let’s hope that it’s a few less than 100 rather than a few more, but I guess little junior will come when he is ready. Mommy is ready now haha but it is definitely way too early so I’ll wait it out so I can have a healthy little baby. For those of you who don’t know or just plain forgot, my due date is October 16, 2010. A wonderful time of year. One, because fall is so pretty and it’ll be somewhat cooler then. And two, my brother was born on October 20th, so we have clothes that are in season which is great. I also have some hand me downs like a bassinet and crib which is nice as well because everything is so expensive these days, and money is looking a little thin over my way. haha. Well enough of my blabbing for now, I was just excited about 100 days!

Hiking through trails..

7 07 2010

So today I went to Cleggs Gardens with my mom, grandma, sister, and brother. We wanted to hike through the trails a little bit so we could all get some fresh air and exercise. It’s always a great sign when your knee starts hurting as soon as you walk through the entrance. And that was my luck today. I managed to make it through pretty okay. I was a little hot and sweaty but I enjoyed myself and it was so pretty outside. When we got in the car I realized that my knee was starting to swell and it was still hurting. Needless to say I contacted my personal doctor, Jon, who has gotten me through a lot of my clumsiness and he told me to ice it and stay off of it. I wasn’t able to ice until later Because we went back to my grandma’s house and it was time to fix dinner, so now I am sitting here with ice on my knee. It’s been on there for a little while but I guess I’ll leave on for a little bit longer. Let’s just hope this helps!

Here’s a picture of some trees and the Wildcat Creek.

Here’s me looking wonderful on one of the trails.